Unorthodox Temple

Featuring presentations of spiritual interest on unusual topics.  The platform of the website is a virtual temple for those mature Christians, young Christians, baby Christians, or those who may be just a twinkle in God's eye.  The temple offers  free single-page sermonettes, a call to action on financial support, and blog community relationships.  The web store consists of digital downloads and physical products such as flags, hats, t-shirts, and prints/posters.  


The Unorthodox Temple. The untemple for the unafraid.   It’s here FOR YOU!

If you love someone, it is extremely difficult not to show it or let them know it.  One of the big problems we have is showing or telling our family and friends.  Many of them just don’t want to hear of your Christian love.  They can’t understand the principle involved.  So you try to perceive the right times to bring things up and use good judgment in your presentations. The Unorthodox Temple offers us a second way to show and tell love.  The benefit is we can now share our love with more than just family and friends.

In our desperation to suggest spiritual answers, the Unorthodox temple dares to make use of speculation and even imagination.  We don’t think it’s wrong to guess either.  Sometimes we may even find ourselves in controversy over what the church forefathers have held for two-thousand years.  That doesn’t deter us from pressing, poking, and probing the issues. 

We are NOT here just to denigrate conventional Christian views , convert non-Christians, or promote our own denomination.  We ARE here to join with you to solve THE big problem every Christian faces – 150,000 people die EVERY… SINGLE… DAY!  Between us, let’s highlight ways we might reach the 150,000 today, who won’t be here tomorrow.  Let’s highlight more ways to reach more people!  Please accept the mission.  It is urgent!


Doubt is a part of all religion. All the religious thinkers were doubters.
— Isaac Bashevis Singer